Terms and conditions for activities

We are happy that you want to join us on Senja so we can show you our favourite island.
If you have not yet decided, we promise you that Senja is well worth a visit if you look for memorable adventures in the wilderness!

Coming to Senja, which is quite different from most places, we urge you to take a closer look at the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and that you contact us if you have question before you arrive. Please also read descriptions and guidelines on our web about the trips you will be attending.


Book your activities on e-mail, telephone or upon your arrival. If you book up on arrival, we cannot guarantee nor capacity or staff available, since we only prepare for activities when we have confirmed orders. Therefore we recommend that you book in advance to make sure we can meet your expectations and prepare for your adventures.

Mail for bookings, questions and requests: booking@hamnisenja.no


If activities are cancelled due to bad weather or other security issues by Hamn/guides, we will try to offer the same activity at a new time during your stay or suggest a relevant activity/service of same value. If this turns out not to be possible, we will give full refund of the original activity.

The following cancellation fees are applicable and will be valid from the date we receive a written notice that you must cancel your activity/tour. Cancellation policy for activities applies both for tours and rentals.


We reserve the right to cancel the activity due to insufficient participants. We will try our best to get more guests, and look at options for changing the time/date for you to enjoy the activity. It´s described for each activity a minimum number of participants that is necessary to complete the activity. Those who have paid for a trip, which, due to conditions in Hamn, not will be performed, will of course get a full refund. We are not responsible for other expenses you have had while preparing for this trip, for example things like airline tickets, hotel rooms, equipment or other expenses.


Cancelling the entire reservation without cost
Latest 2 weeks ahead of scheduled arrival

Reduction of up to 20% of the order without cost:
Latest 2 weeks ahead of scheduled arrival.
If the deadline is passed, the customer will be charged to the amount of 80% of the original ordered services.

No show:
In the event that all is cancelled, or an expected visiting party fail to appear without cancelling their reservation, later than 7 days ahead of scheduled arrival, the customer will be charged to the amount of 100% of the original order.


Our customers are responsible for wearing the right kind of clothing and equipment adapted to our Arctic climate.
Wrong or missing clothing /equipment can make it difficult for you to complete the trip in a safe and comfortable way. The weather can change quickly, so be prepared for “all kinds” of weather situations.

A description of recommended clothing and equipment is written for each activity where such is needed. All activities are presented on our web including general clothing guidelines.


It is very important that you notify to us if you have medical issues that need special attention due to your own comfort and wellbeing. We will do what we can to ensure that your health will be taken into consideration during the activity.

We have the right to disqualify you from participating on certain activities if we, after an introduction to the activity, believe the trip is too physically and/or to mentally demanding. A full refund is given under such circumstances.

If you might need a contact with a doctor during your stay with us, please let us know as early as possible before arrival.

Please check with your doctor challenges regarding your health condition, about medication, your ability to cope with cold and physically challenging trips, or other relevant health issues which can affect the participation of your requested activities.


To book a trip from us, you must be 18 years old the day the trip will take place. Younger people can participate on most of our trips, but only when accompanied by adults, and we recommend a min. age of 7-8 years.


Our customers are responsible for selecting activities that are suitable according to their interests and abilities.

Our guides appreciate that all our customers demonstrate good, respectful, and inclusive manner.
We consider an open and friendly contact with other people, often from other countries than your own, as an enrichment of any trip, and a golden opportunity to increase knowledge and self-development.

Dare to be open in relation to the others on the trip, and you will get a better experience. Our customers are of course responsible for their own behaviour. Local laws are to be followed, and we will not tolerate the use of illegal drugs, or any violation of Norwegian law.


All questions, any thoughts or comments, are welcome to us.
Please send us an email: booking@hamnisenja.no
or call us at +47 400 200 05.

Good planning and preparations are essential for a successful trip. We enjoy ourselves when we are talking about our trips, so no question is too silly, no thought unnecessary.


Unforeseen events: In the event of circumstances that are beyond Hamn i Senja’s control (such as strike, nature-made accidents, lockout, fire, missing deliveries, etc.), we reserve the right to terminate the agreement without any liability. Circumstances that are not regulated by the agreement will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Do not let the above information “scare” you from visiting the Arctic. We, who live here and is a part of the Arctic surroundings every day, can assure you that most of the time things are very easy going and turn out to be just fine.

Checking out our advice is a good start for you to know how to enjoy this together with us.

We look forward to your visit!