P1010817Bergsfjorden is full of life and there are great oportunities for snorkling and diving. Hamn has been a favorite place for divers for many years. This is because of the unique location of Hamn as an oasis in a clean and fresh environment at the edge of the Arctic Ocean. This location offers fabulous diving conditions all year round, with a visibility seldom found inside the long fjords which Norway is so rich in. We welcome you to dive with us where even the most seasoned diver will find new and fascinating experiences.

Possibilities are many, especially for freediving, as there are good sheltered locations and relatively shallow areas available with mask and snorkel. Are you into spearfishing you can try your hand at sea big game. There are lots of cod and hallibut in the area, as well a rich sealife.

For compressed air diving are also possibilities very many , from vertical walls , diving in kelp at the outside Ballesvika or in between the islands. The water is mostly clear throughout the year, especially in the winter. In the habour area there are good possibilities for familiarization for diving and free diving under sheltered conditions. Welcome to explore Senja underwater!


Lead diving belt and weights:
Price: 75 NOK per belt per day.dsc06114-001


Compressor filling bottles for scuba diving
Fill your bottles here at the hotel.
Prices: 125 NOK per bottle. 175 NOK for double.
Filling of air is possible between 08.00 and 17.00. Needs to be booked in advance. Contact us if you have questions.


Rent boat?
We have several boats for rental. Read more under rental of “boats”. Diving flags (blue and white) are included in the price.