Winter activity prices

Vinter aktivitetspriser 2018

Welcome to your adventure at Hamn i Senja

Prices in Norwegian krones (NOK)

 ID #

Adventures at Sea Winter 2018

 Price per person  min. persons
201B Wildlife tour to look for white tale sea eagles, seals etc 1195 (min 2 pax)
201C Fjord sightseeing incl. lunch/picnic on the beach 1595 (min 4 pax)
201F Fishing tour with guide – winter 2 t 1295 (min 4 pax)
201F Fishing tour with guide – winter 3 t 1695 (min 4 pax)
350G Northern Lights night trip at sea 1495 (min 6 pax)
202 Whale safari 1395 (min 2 pax)
202 Whale safari from tour no. 2 1195 (min 2 pax)
203 Snorkelling with whales *limited capacity. contact for more info OR (min 2 pax)
205A Kayak tour in Bergsfjorden with guide, daytime adventure 1395 (min 3 pax)
205C Kayak introduction to the joy of kayaking 1495 (min 3 pax)
206A Arctic ocean bathing in the harbour 495 (min 2 pax)
206B Arctic ocean bathing in the harbour + hot tub/sauna 695 (min 2 pax)
207 Bigger boats for rental on request
209 Body rafting in a maelstrom 1195 (min 4 pax)
210 Bird watching by boat (under development) on request (min 4 pax)
 ID #

Adventures on shore Winter 2018

 Price per person  min. persons
101 Outdoor hot tub with ocean view including sauna, bathing suit rental 345 (min 1 pax)
305  Turf hut lunch and storytelling about Senja – on the way to/from Hamn 495 (min 15 pax)
307  Polar Park – wolf kiss – fox camp – wolf cabin lunch/accommodation  on request
350A  Northern Lights in Hamn – Lighthouse package 195 (min 1 pax)
350C  Northern Lights Photo tour by mini bus/bus along the National tourist route 1295 (min 4 pax)
350D  Northern Lights snowshoeing – soft adventure 1295 (min 2 pax)
350E  Northern Lights snowshoeing – excursion medium adv. terrain 1495 (min 4 pax)
350F  Northern Lights photo course – quick course for beginners 395 (min 2 pax)
351A  Sightseeing along the scenic National Tourist Route part 1: Gryllefjord fishing village 995 (min 2 pax)
351B  Sightseeing along the scenic National Tourist Route part 2: Tungeneset view point 1195 (min 4 pax)
352A  Lavvu camp to look for Northern Lights 595 (min 15 pax)
352B  Lavvu camp with lunch 795 (min 15 pax)
353  Fresh water/river fishing/ice fishing  on request (min 2 pax)
354A  Dog sledging incl. camp hot meal and warm drinks. On the way to/from Hamn 1995 (min 6 pax)
354B  Dog sledging incl. camp with lunch and hot drinks 2995 (min 6 pax)
354D  Dog sledging tour with overnight stay in camp. Evening meal and breakfast  on request (min 2 pax)
354E  Dog sledging hunting the Northern Lights – 4 hrs sledging tour incl. camp  on request (min 6 pax)
355A  Snow shoeing – soft adventure 995 (min 2 pax)
355B  Snow shoeing – excursion – medium advanced terrain 1495 (min 3 pax)
356A  Ski touring – top tours winter  on request (min 1 pax)
356B  Ice climbing  on request (min 1 pax)
357  Fishermans friend – learn about preparing fish & more  695 (min 6 pax)
358  Cognac saloon afternoon tea/coffee and 1 aperitif 155 (min 2 pax)
360  Team building activities  on request (min 10 pax)
407  Make your own fresh waffel cakes and coffee/tea 140
Recommended on the way to or from Hamn i Senja
307 Polar Park: wolf kiss * fox camp * moose on request

 Rental equipment for adventures on your own

  • 4 x Boats 22ft, fishing gear, flotation suits
  • 16 Kayaks, dry suits and necessary equipment
  • 16 Bikes
  • 1 x Sauna
  • Training room
  • Private English speaking guide

Important information

  • NB. Tours can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions or a lack of participants
  • All activities should be booked in advance
  • We tailor make any activity and programs for smaller and bigger groups according to your requirements
  • Please ask for group prices and possibilities on request