Caravan parking

We are most of all a hotel but we also offer caracan parking for a few caravans/bobil. Its allowed to park here before the bridge all year, here is 4 spots. It is not allowed to park in the car park of the hotel from june – mid august as it is for hotel guests.

Parking fee: NOK 125 per day

Pay parking fees either at the reception or via our GoMarina app.

Park in a way so that there is space others. We hope you have a pleasant stay.

The hotel facilities are open to all guests, and not just those staying at the hotel. Shower (50 NOK), sauna (125kr) and hot tub are available to rent, see prices on the website or at the reception. Treat yourself to a nice meal in our restaurant. In the summer, the restaurant upstairs every day, while the rest of the year should be booked in advance.


Welcome to Hamn and hope you enjoy your stay here at Senja!