About Hamn i Senja

a rare place on Earth

Who are we?

Hamn i Senja is a holiday and conference resort beautifully located on the west coast of the Senja island in the north of Norway. Since 1994, this historical fishing station has been established as a well-known holiday resort and very desirable conference destination in Norway.  The name “Hamn” means harbor, and Hamn has been a safe harbor for many a fisherman during hundreds of years. Now, the hundreds of islets and islands in the azure sea beyond is used as an adventure destination for visitors from all over the world.

Hamn i Senja

In 1995 Hamn i Senja was awarded as “The best travel product of the year”, and in 2011 the official marketing organization for the travel industry in Norway (www.visitnorway.no) selected Hamn i Senja as 1 of the top 25 most attractive destinations in Norway. And as a pleasant surprise; Hamn in Senja became the winner of Trip Advisors Travelers choice in the category “Best bargain” in Norway, as well as chosen as one of the top ten most romantic destinations in Norway.

Senja is Norway’s second largest island and situated in one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.  Senja is known as ‘a Norway in miniature’ and can offer a unique diversity and deep experience of nature throughout the year. All within a few hours drive. Hamn is the perfect base for enjoying beautiful and really amazing nature sceneries. The location at 69,4° north, which is above the Arctic Circle, lets our visitors to see the Northern Lights in winter as well as midnight sun in summer. These, however, are just two among many reasons to visit us and experience one of the Norway’s top travel destinations.

The range of activities and adventures you can chose between here at Hamn has increased the last years. We will do our best for you to  to explore Senja, be impressed by the nature and our surroundings.

Hamn is a place you must see. It’s difficult to describe with words – and even with pictures. It has a heart, and it will probably change yours a bit. Welcome to a rare place in this world!

We offer:

  • Accommodation (70 rooms / up to 140 persons)
  • Restaurant (up to 115 seats)
  • Conference and meeting facilities for groups up to 125/180 persons
  • Activities all year round; sightseeing, kayaks, bikes, boats, events, guided hiking/snowshoe tours, Northern Lights adventures, whale safari (January) and more.
  • Transportation services
  • Beautiful nature surroundings throughout the year – one of the last wildernesses in the world!
  • Extra services on request

We will continue our work on developing Hamn with its beautiful surroundings here in Bergsfjorden as the place to be.

History of Hamn i Senja

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Hamn i Senja has had the name “Hamn” or “Havn” (also meaning “harbour”) ever since the beginning of the 1600s. From ancient times people at Hamn have lived from the ocean. In 1881 Hamn became a trading station and fishing village.

It was then that the merchant Adolf Lund built the buildings considered appropriate to a recognised North Norwegian trading station: a fishing quay including a steamship quay, a shop with a warehouse, a bakery, a cod liver oil and “grakse” factory [grakse, a solid by-product of oil production was used in fishmeal production], an ice store, fishermen’s quarters [rorbuer], a cowshed and a courthouse with guest rooms. A founder of such business became a local “king”, and his pets in the 1880ies were nothing less than two tame eagles.

Hamn gained postal services in 1874, and in 1886 the national telephone service arrived.  The telephone exchange, was built then and is still in Hamn. Activity in Hamn was not only linked to the fisheries. In the summer of 1869 Eilert Brox found nickel ore on his farm.

The Englishman Henry Hussey Vivian then built up Senjens Nickelmine. Operation of the works was kept going until 1886. During that period about 650 people lived at Hamn, compared to less than 10 today.

In 1882 the first power station in the world based on hydro-electric power was built at Hamn. The dam is still in existence and is worth a visit. During the period 1925-1935 Hamn was one of the largest fish landing stations in North Norway.

The career of Hamn as a fishing station ended in the end of the 1980ies.

In 1994 the old buildings were renewed, and converted into an intimate holiday resort with 12 apartments and small restaurant. The old icehouse turned in to be the new sauna, and after a while an out door hot in a boat on shore beacame a popular acitivity.

Time had changed, and suddenly people came from all over the country, and also from all over the world to visit the new Hamn. After just one year in the business, Hamn became the product of the year in Norway – a travel business award given for developing well organized activity packages.

Then fire ruined the buildings in September 2005. The family-owners decided to rebuild, and after almost 3 years Hamn could finally open the doors for guests once more.

Today, you can still feel the nice, peaceful and maritime atmosphere – this time to be enjoyed in a comfortable resort with all modern facilities.

Hamn is open all year, although on every day basis only during June till August.

Modern facilities for conferences, and activities based on the fascinating nature surrounding Hamn, makes it popular to stay for meetings, weddings, Christmas dinners, watching the northern lights, kayaking, for events, parties etc.

Welcome to us.

Looking forward to seeing you in Hamn!