How to get here

Arriving to Hamn

It is easy to travel to Senja, no matter where in Norway or the world in general you are coming from. Traveling from Oslo it takes about 2.5 hours from you sit on the plane until you are here on the island. You can also arrive by car, boat, ferry or Hurtigruta from Tromsø and Harstad.


By plane
The nearest airport is Bardufoss, ca 1,5 hours drive from Hamn. From Oslo, it takes about 1,5 hours in flight time. From the airport you can take the airport shuttle to Finnsnes. Norwegian has daily flights from Oslo Gardermoen.

You can also fly to Harstad Evenes or Tromsø with either SAS or Norwegian
From both of these cities it goes fastboat and Hurtigruten to Finnsnes, which is Senjas nearest neighbor.


By car
Driving time from Finnsnes to Hamn is around 50 minutes. Roads are open all year round. From Tromsø and Harstad city around 3 hours in winter time.  In the summer season from May to September there are two summer ferries to/from Senja, one from Gryllefjord towards Andenes/Lofoten, and one from Botnhamn to Brensholmen, on the north of Senja, towards Tromsø. The road 86/862 between these two ferries is going through one of Norway’s most scenic landscapes, and is a part of the National Tourist Route.

Even if we have the address at 9385 Skaland, please follow the road 86 towards Gryllefjord if you come from the north of Senja or from the inland. If you come by ferry from Andenes to Gryllefjord, follow road 86 towards Finnsnes and you will find Hamn just 10 minutes from the quay in Gryllefjord.

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A trip along the Norwegian coast with Hurtigruten is a great experience in itself. Hurtigruten docks at Finnsnes every day all year round. It stops at Finnsnes on the north-going route at 11.00 AM. Great to have a lunch on board on the way to Tromsø. Traveling time 2h 45 min. For route information, see:


You can take the fast boat to Finnsnes from the cities of Harstad and Tromsø. For further route information, see


Bus from Finnsnes to Hamn
There are only one route going past Hamn, and only one or two times a day. Buses operating on Senja, click on route 360.


Its great to cycle around Senja. The National Tourist Route goes from Lofoten, along the west coast of Senja (road 86/862), and continues to Brensholmen/Kvaløya towards Tromsø. See info about the summer ferries above.


Transfer from Finnsnes to Hamn
We are helpful with arranging transfer to and from Finnsnes. Contacts us for booking and prices.


Other options
We can help coordinate the transport you need;

  • Helicopter, from Tromsø, Bardufoss or Evenes
  • Artic Trucks, from Tromsø
  • Bigger boat, up to 85 passengers

Car hire in Norway

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More about car rental

Avis car rental in a winter wonderland


Driving a car in Norway, especially in our Northern region, is a great way to see and experience a lot of places during your visit. In a region with a lot of weather like fog, rain, snow and ice, the vehicle speed must be adapted to all kinds of conditions. The equipment in the car is also important; snow chains are good, warm clothing if something is happening along the way and snow shovel if you are getting stuck.

The streets are being plowing from snow regularly but there´s always a layer of ice during wintertime so be careful. Keep the speed limits and be extra careful when you meet other cars on the narrow parts.

Hoping for a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis? One of the seven natural wonders of the world, this is truly an experience for all ages. As a natural wonder, the lights are of course unpredictable but to be in with the best chance of a sighting, head to the north of the country from late September to March.

Driving directions

Please take a look at our suggested routes depending from where you are driving.

From Finnsnes

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From Tromsø (city / airport)

Please note that in the summer time you can take a ferry between Brenshomen (Kvaløya) and Botnhamn (Senja)

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From Bardufoss airport

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From E6/E10, Sweden and south of Europe

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Looking forward to seeing you in Hamn!