Fishing dock and freezers

fiskebrygga-hamn-i-senjaFacilities for preparing the fish

Fishing dock 400 m2. Separate house/gutting room ca 24 m2 + separate room for freezer and for packing the fish, around 10 m2. One freezer per boat, around 150-200 litre. Extra capacity at the resort in separate freezer. Short distance to wardrobes, showers, sauna, out door hot tub.


Filleting of fish by our staff, and cleaning of the boats
Preparing the catch, cleaning of the boats and gutting room is not included. The boats and facilities shall be left in the same condition as they were from the start. If you want to book these services from us, we need to know this in advance, so it is possible to allocate staff for this when they arrive from the boat tour.

If our staff need to do extra cleaning to prepare things for the next guests, an extra fee will be charged due to how long time we need to clean and prepare. NOK 550 per hour.


Rental of gutting room for guests who have not rented Kværnø boat: 250 NOK per day