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Hamn is a great place to enter the surrounding ocean. There are plenty of fish in the sea and beatuiful islands to visit. Our boats can be rented by people who want to go exploring the fjord or fishing by themselves, but it is also possible to book a fishing guide that can take you out to the best fishing spots.

Rental: Book in advance or in the reception. Normal time for check out of boats is 09.00 unless another time is agreed. A guide will meet you in the reception and go through a rental contract and check that the boat is OK. You will be given a short introduction to the boat. Life wests are included in the rental. Normal time for check out of the boat (last day of rental) is 17.00 – unless another time is agreed. Petrol is not included in the boat rental price; and is measured at the end of each day and paid before departure.


Kvernø 660

We have 4 Kværnø boats for rental.  You need a boat-license to rent and drive these boats.

KvernøbildeAbout the boats:

  • 22 foot open aluminium hold with 130 h.p.
  • GPS, echo sounder, chart plotter, tracking system on board

Rental information:

  • Number of guests: Max 8 (recommended up to 6 people)
  • Fishing: 3 persons at a time in good conditions (depend on type of fishing, weather etc)
  • Price 2017: 1695 NOK/day. 1395 NOK/day for extra days. Weekly price (7 days): 9945 NOK.
  • Petrol is not included in the price; you pay for petrol based on how much you have used when you check out of the hotel
  • Deposit: 1500 NOK. Deposit is fixed in the reception when signing the rental contract.
  • Bring: Warm clothes and good shoes
  • Season: February – November.
  • Extra:
    We recommend to go fishing with a guide. Min rental time is 3 hours
    Flotation suits, rods and fishing equipment can be rented
    Food and beverages to bring on the boat can be arranged



Rowing boat

We have a rowing boat that you can use for a tradtional experience in the ocean. Nice for a calm tour in the close surroundings and great for kids.

  • Number of guests: Max 6 (recommended up to 4 people)
  • rice: Per hour: 200 NOK. 500 NOK/day. 
  • Bring: Warm clothes, sunglasses, camera
  • Season: May till September
  • Fishing: 2-3 persons at a time in good conditions (depend on type of fishing, weather etc)