Search the Northern ligths

The spectacular scenery of the Northern Lights is a natural wonder that is best viewed in certain locations and under favourable circumstances. Few places in the world can offer as favourable circumstances as Senja and around the Hamn resort, which is situated in the main “Aurora belt”. Thanks to the low light pollution in the area, the Northern Lights will appear bright and clear. Add to that, the combination of accessibility and modern comforts, and you are set for an experience you’ll never forget.

When in Hamn, and when the sky is clear, you will be able to see the the Aurora stretching over the mountains and the fjord, and all the way out to the horizon. A spectacular combination of sunset colours in the horizon, just the murmur of the ocean and the sparkling aurora in the sky, is probably one of the most unique shows mother earth can offer.

A warm lounge serving hot coffee/tea in our Lighthouse with 360° panorama view, and reindeer skins for outdoor watching or snow shoe/ photo tours to look for the Aurora, can be booked. We can provide guides and information, food and beverage services. Warm clothing and footwear (winter wear) incl. gloves and head wear is necessary. This is also for rent in Hamn i Senja.

Book your stay and enjoy the spectacular seach for the northern ligths.