Bli med på en snartur for å prøve fiskelykken i et av de rikeste fiskeområder som ligger rett utenfor stuedøra her på Senja. Vi har guide, båt og fiskeutstyr – og du tar med fiskelykke!

Turtid  2 timer (lengre tur på forespørsel)
Avgang   På forespørsel
Klokka  På forespørsel
Pris:  1300 kr per person
Includerer  Guide, warm suit, all fishing gear, hot drinks
Antall Min. 4
Produkt #  201G


Private fishing trip – 3 hours

Rent a boat and go out fishing with your own private fish guide. Within 3 hours you will have several opportunities for various good fishing spots. The package includes boat for 3 hours, a guide for 3 hours, fishing gear and fuel.

If you cant stop fishing: Rent the boat for the whole day: pay only 450 NOK extra + extra fuel. Extra time with the guide is 600 NOK per hour.

Duration:  3 hours (or more on request)
Days of departure: On request
Price:  3950 NOK per boat (up to 6 people)
Includes:  Guide, fishing gear,


If you don’t wanna go on an organized fishing trip you can also rent a boat to go fishing on your own!

Different seasons mean diffrerent types of fish! Here are the most common types of fish you catch around Senja:

  • Arctic cod (Skrei): The best time to catch the biggest arctic cod, called skrei, is January to April. Skrei migrates along the coast early in the year and catching cod over 20 kilo is not unusual.
  • Halibut: Halibut usually puts up quite a fight and is not the easiest fish to catch, but the most fun according to many dedicated fishermen. Season is May to September/October. Often found 3 – 5 nautical miles outside the coast. Fishing with hand operated fishing reel trolling line and long line.
  • Saithe: Comes all the way to the coast looking for bait. Fishing with hand operated fishing reel, deep sea fishing gear.
  • Haddock: July to October/November. You find it in the fjord and out in deep “holes” at the bottom outside the coast. Fishing with hand operated fishing reel.
  • Catfish: May to September. Comes into the fjords during summertime to eat sea urchin. Fishing with long line.
  • Coastal cod: All year. Fishing with hand operated fishing reel, deep sea fishing gear.


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