Northern Lights just outside your doorstep

Already in the end of August it can be a great time for the Northern lights here in Hamn.

Often when the sky is clear, we are lucky enough to be able to watch incredible aurora shows from the bare rocks.
The lights can be surrounding us in the sky and it can be difficult to decide which direction to look! It can be moving rapidly around, dancing over the sky and the colors can change from green, to purple and white and back again. Whenever it fades out in one place, it can be flaring up in another. It feels like pure magic and it is definitely the best fireworks that is!

Aurora can be spotted until the night sky is brighter again in April. That means we have around 8 months of possible aurora borealis adventures.

Come enjoy the lights at Hamn, take one of our northern lights tours or you can spot it directly from Hamn. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before – every time!