Northern lights outside your apartment!

Now that it’s starting to get really dark at night here in the North, it’s time to start look up at the sky at night and watch out for green shades in the sky.

The first few days in September has been a great time for the Northern lights here at Hamn. On the 2nd of September the sky was almost perfectly clear and we were lucky enough to get to watch an incredible aurora show out by the lighthouse. The lights were all around us in the sky and it was difficult to decide which direction to look! As they were moving across the sky the colors changed from green, to purple and back again. Whenever it faded out in one place, it flared up in another. It was like the sky was on fire!

This is just the beginning of this beautiful phenomena up here in the north. The northern lights can be spotted until the night sky is brighter again in April, so we have around 8 months of aurora borealis ahead of us. Come enjoy the lights at Hamn, take one of our northern lights tours or just spend time outside to look for them. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!