Prices 2017

Welcome to your stay here at Hamn i Senja

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All prices are per person per night with breakfast included
Prices in Norwegian kronor (NOK)

Mini room (1-2 people)
No view from these rooms
Price per person per night
Single room 945
Per person in double/twin room  585
Small suite (1-4 people)
No view from these rooms
Single room 1415
Per person in double/twin room 860
Triple: 2 twin beds and 1 sofa bed: W= 1,2m 670
4 people: 2 twin beds and 1 sofa bed: W= 1,2m
Large suite (1-2 people)
Harbor view
Single room 1715
Per person in double/twin room 975
Apartments (2-6 people)
Harbor view
Single room 1250
Per person in double/twin room 890
 Please contact us if you are a larger group or family with children.

Summer Activities & Tours 2017

ID # OCEAN EXPLORATION Price per person min. persons
201A Fjord sightseeing in Bergsfjorden 990 (min 2 pax)
201E Midnight fjord cruise 990 (min 3 pax)
201C Fjord excursion with lunch 1595 (min 4 pax)
201D Fjord excursion with dinner 1650 (min 4 pax)
201G Fishing trip (2h) 1300 (min 4 pax)
201H Beach day 595 (min 2 pax)
201J Bike & boat – route 86 1100 (min 3 pax)
209 Body rafting 1100 (min 4 pax)
206A Arctic ocean bathing 450 (min 2 pax)
205A Kayak adventure in Bergsfjorden 1550 (min 3 pax)
205B Kayaking in the rays of the midnight sun 1275 (min 3 pax)
205C Introduction to the joy of kayaking 1225 (min 2 pax)
301A Daytime hike to the Sukkertoppen peak 690 (min 2 pax)
301B Hike to view point in the Sukkertoppen mountain 390 (min 2 pax)
301G Midnight sun hike to view point 600 (min 2 pax)
301C Classic Senja hikes: Husfjellet 1395 (min 6 pax)
301D Classic Senja hikes: Segla 1495 (min 6 pax)
301E Classic Senja hikes: Geitfjellet 1495 (min 6 pax)
301F Classic Senja hikes: Ånderdalen National Park 1610 (min 6 pax)
101 Outdoor hot tub 290 (min 1 pax)
303C Biking along National tourist route to Gryllefjord fishing village 695 (min 4 pax)
358 Cognac saloon 150
407 Traditional Norwegian waffle cakes 135

Adventures on shore – winter 2017

 ID # Adventures on shore Winter 2017  Price per person  min. persons
101  Badesjarken – outdoor hot tub 290 (min 2 pax)
305  Turf hut lunch and storytelling about Senja – on the way to/from Hamn 450 (min 15 pax)
307  Polar Park – wolf kiss – fox camp – wolf cabin lunch/accommodation  on request
350A  Northern Lights in Hamn – Lighthouse package 205 (min 1 pax)
350C  Northern Lights Photo tour by mini bus/bus along the National tourist route 1250 (min 4 pax)
350D  Northern Lights snowshoeing – soft adventure 965 (min 2 pax)
350E  Northern Lights snowshoeing – excursion medium adv. terrain 1495 (min 4 pax)
350F  Northern Lights photo course – quick course for beginners 300 (min 2 pax)
351A  Sightseeing along the scenic National Tourist Route part 1: Gryllefjord fishing village 450 (min 2 pax)
351B  Sightseeing along the scenic National Tourist Route part 2: Tungeneset view point 1100 (min 4 pax)
352A  Lavvu camp to look for Northern Lights 530 (min 15 pax)
352B  Lavvu camp with lunch 695 (min 15 pax)
353  Fresh water/river fishing/ice fishing  on request (min 2 pax)
354A  Dog sledging incl. camp hot meal and warm drinks. On the way to/from Hamn 1560 (min 6 pax)
354B  Dog sledging incl. camp with lunch and hot drinks 2950 (min 6 pax)
354D  Dog sledging tour with overnight stay in camp. Evening meal and breakfast  on request (min 2 pax)
354E  Dog sledging hunting the Northern Lights – 4 hrs sledging tour incl. camp  on request (min 6 pax)
355A  Snow shoeing – soft adventure 890 (min 2 pax)
355B  Snow shoeing – excursion – medium advanced terrain 1440 (min 3 pax)
356A  Ski touring – top tours winter  on request (min 1 pax)
356B  Ice climbing  on request (min 1 pax)
357  Fishermans friend – learn about preparing fish & more  650 (min 6 pax)
358  Cognac saloon afternoon tea/coffee and 1 aperitif 150 (min 2 pax)
360  Team building activities  on request (min 10 pax)
407  Make your own fresh waffel cakes and coffee/tea 135
Recommended on the way to or from Hamn i Senja
307 Polar Park: wolf kiss * fox camp * moose on request

Rental equipment for adventures on your own

4 x Boats 22ft, fishing gear, flotation suits
16 Kayaks, dry suits and necessary equipment
16 Bikes
1 x Sauna, training room
Private English speaking guide


Storbrygga Spiseri – The Restaurant

During June-August, the restaurant is open every day
For other seasons: we open on request

Important information

NB. Tours can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions or a lack of participants

All activities should be booked in advance

We tailor make any activity and programs for smaller and bigger groups according to your requirements

Please ask for group prices and possibilities on request