Ski Reistadløpet 1.april – and experience Senja

Storslagne kystopplevelser


Reistadløpet was arranged for the first time in 1958 and is one of the ski races in Norway with the richest traditions. The race was established in memory of Colonel Ole Reistad, He was a great skier and athlete well-known for having led the Norwegian ski patrol to victory in the Olympic championships in St. Moritz in 1928.

Reistadløpet, at a latitude of 69° North, is the northernmost of all the races in the Visma Ski Classics.  There are two different races to choose from – one being 50 kilometres long and the other 36 kilometres long, both running through a stunning arctic scenery from Setermoen to Bardufoss. There is also a race for the children – “Barnas Reistadløp”.

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Hamn i Senja is a 2 hour drive from Setermoen, and 1.5 hours from Bardufoss.

Good price for accommodation in Hamn i Senja for participants
All participants who participate on the Reistadløpet can get 25% discount on accommodation at Hamn i Senja. The support of friends, coaches and family corresponding discount, provided that the participant is in your supportcrew. Comfortable accommodation in modern apartments or suites. Accommodation includes breakfast, but opportunities for self catering.

Storbrygga Spiseri offers lunch and dinner, but must be booked prior to arrival at sprinhamn-i-senja-arctic-cod-michael-simon-sliderg season. We send menu suggestions when you book a table. Even teams packed lunch from the breakfast buffet on request.

Be happy for several days so that you also get to experience magnificent Senja
The offer is valid in conjunction with Reistad race – ie in the days around April 1st.

Experience Senja through activities
Combine the ski weekend with other activities in the northern Norwegian scenery. We offer boat rentals and fishing in Northern Norway is impeccable. Also possibilities for renting snowshoes and kayaks.
Are you a small group, we can additionally ia offer guided fishing trips, sightseeing trips, Atlantic swimming / body rafting and kayaking.

  • Discount fishing Sunday 2 April: Participants at Reistad race gets discounted price of 2hr fishing trip Sunday 2 April at 10.00. Price: 990 kr pp. Close to fishing grounds. (Subject to min 4 participants)
  • Kayak rentals – Bargains on Kayak for only 250 kr per day and drysuit NOK 250 per day.

Please contact us via or phone: 400 200 05
Codeword at booking: Reistadløpet


Welcome to Senja!