Come to Senja for your next fishing adventure!DSC_6857
Senja is located close to some of Norway’s richest fishing grounds. Different season means different types of fish.


Fishing equipement
We have fishing rods for rent, both for fishing in the ocean and for freshwater fishing.

  • Price: 150 NOK/day, 750 NOK/week

We have a small fish shop where we sell fishing equipment. We have good alternatives for various types of fishing and can accomodate most of your fishing needs.
If you loose equipement that you have rented you will need to pay for it.

We have great facilities for preparing the fish right on our fishing dock. We have a separate house with a gutting room (ca 24 square metres) and a separate room for freezer and for packing the fish (ca 10 square metres). We have one freezer per boat, around 150-200 litres.

If you want to bring your fish home on a plane, we have boxes for storage of the fish for sale. Price: 130 NOK/box

We have boats for rent if you would like to go fishing on your own! Read more about boat rentals here
If you want to learn more about fishing and have someone show you the best fishing spots, you can hire a fishing guide.


Ice fishing
If you want to plan your own ice fishing adventure, but aren’t sure about buying all of the new gear to get started, you might want to consider renting the necessary ice fishing equipment.

  • Price: 50 NOK/day
    Includes one ice drill per group



Fish you can catch out from Hamn

  • Arctic cod (Skrei): The best time to catch the biggest arctic cod, called skrei, is January to April. Skrei migrates along the coast early in the year and catching cod over 20 kilo is not unusual.
  • Halibut: Halibut usually puts up quite a fight and is not the easiest fish to catch, but the most fun according to many dedicated fishermen. Season is May to September/October. Often found 3 – 5 nautical miles outside the coast. Fishing with hand operated fishing reel trolling line and long line.
  • Saithe: Comes all the way to the coast looking for bait. Fishing with hand operated fishing reel, deep sea fishing gear.
  • Haddock: July to October/November. You find it in the fjord and out in deep “holes” at the bottom outside the coast. Fishing with hand operated fishing reel.
  • Catfish: May to September. Comes into the fjords during summertime to eat sea urchin. Fishing with long line.
  • Coastal cod: All year. Fishing with hand operated fishing reel, deep sea fishing gear.