Top tours and skiing on Senja

Skiing in the breathtaking surroundings of Senja is a world-class experience.

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Average summit heights are around 700-1000 meter with Breitind being the highest at 1017 above sea level. A great variety of mountains for summit adventures, so no problem to keep yourself busy with one new peak for a week!

February to may is usually the best snow-time of the year. By mid February the polar nights have been already replaced with 7 hours of daylight by mid may it’s the midnight sun and possibility to ski 24/7 .

You need you own car to reach the mountains, or we can be helpful with transfer for groups/private transfer.

Hamn resort is a great spot to use as a base for your outdoor adventures. Great facilities, good meals, hot tubs and opportunities to do other activities like fishing, kayaking, body rafting and more.

We’re happy to suggest suitable routes and tours, based on your wishes and prerequisites, and can be helpful with booking private guides.

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