Adventures with Sail Senja

Introduction to sailing

Curious about sailing? Introduction to sailing gives you the opportunity to experience contact with the sea and nature of Senja in a new and exuberant way, without the need for any foreknowledge other than your own curiosity about trying out sailing.

Duration: Approx. 4 hours
Departure: On request
Price: Per person: 155 EUR (175 USD)
Includes: Life jacket, skipper and guide
Participants: 1 – 5.



Through this sailing trip, we wish to share the fascinating world of sailing with everyone who is looking to experience nature in a different way, where the wind and the forces of nature itself are what brings you closer to the surroundings. You will learn the basics of how a sailboat works, and if you want you get to try out the different tasks on board.

We will start our sailing trip with a talk about security onboard and a quick round of theory about the functions of the sails and the boat. After that, we hoist the sails and head towards the beautiful Bergsfjord. If the conditions allow for it, we will also sail westwards in the direction of Andenes. Surrounded by some of Norway’s most spectacular mountains on the outer side of Senja, only pulled forward by the natural and eco-friendly forces of the wind, everything should be ready for a truly unique experience of nature which you will hardly forget.

Do you have questions about Introduction to sailing, or do you want an offer on a sailing trip or course which is custom made for just your family or friends? How about a whole day of sailing to Andenes? – Contact Seil Senja by telephone number +47 977 40 383 or e-mail



Sailing to Andenes

For those who would like an introduction to sailing, but also dream of a slightly longer voyage, we arrange full-day trips to Andenes when the weather conditions allow for it.

Duration: Full-day trip
On request
337 EUR (380 USD) per person
Includes: Life jacket, skipper and guide
Participants: Min. 2. Max 5

We follow the impressive mountain range in Senja´s far south end. Then we cross the Andenes fjord and steer south-west towards Andenes. Here in the open sea, the adventure-minded get to experience the contrasts of feeling small in mighty surroundings.

Andenes is known for its flat landscape, and the view of the lighthouse rising out of the sea as we get closer to shore can only be described as magical. With your feet back on solid ground, you get to explore the small island community and get an up-close understanding of Norwegian cultural heritage. Here in the waters of the Vikings, there are loads of fish, and the local fishing community has been an important industry since the middle ages. You can enjoy a stroll to Andenes lighthouse which will offer you a panoramic view of the island, or learn about the kingdom of the whales and life below the sea surface at the whale museum.

From Andenes you get the option to leave the boat and continue your journey to Lofoten or Vesterålen, or return to Senja with the wind in your sails. And if we are lucky we will run into whales in the open sea.

Customized sailing adventure

If you have special requests for what you would like to see or learn, Seil Senja is ready to customize the experience for you and your family and friends. Please send us a message at, and we will contact you for an offer.

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