Outdoor hot-tub

Outdoor hot-tub with a twist

We don’t think you’ve ever tried anything quite like this: We took a genuine fishing vessel and instead of launching it on the water, we fitted it out as hot tub and put the water inside. Voilà: The world’s first outdoor hot tub in a boat! Not only a unique concept, but we promise you a unique experience.

With room for as many as 15 people, it is an ideal setting for bringing a group together in a relaxed, informal way. Guaranteed to create an inspiring feel-good atmosphere, filled with smiles, laughter and good stories.

Whatever the season or weather conditions may be; midnight sun or northern lights, it really doesn’t matter – the heated water (38 degrees C) will keep you insulated and comfortable. And after a soak in the hot tub, you are only a few feet away from a visit to the sauna or a dip in the ocean!

You can rent or buy our maritime bathing suits, and there are oportunities to drinks of your choice.

Season: Available all year
Duration:  1-2 hours (closes at 23.00)
Price: prices
Includes: Towel, relaxation
Number of guests:  Max. 15 pax
Product #  101




Enjoy and relax in our sauna after a long day.

Season: Available all year
Duration:  1 hour
Price:  125 NOK
Includes: Towel, shower
Number of guests:  Max. 10 pax


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