Atlantic Ocean Bathing and body rafting

Body rafting in a maelstrom

Not far from Hamn, an ocean inlet creates a maelstrom with a top speed of 7 knots (approx. 13 km/h) every time the tide shifts. Riding the tide in the insulated comfort of a survival suit, is both thrilling and relaxing. “At one with the elements” is not just a cliché in this context! The pure joy of surfing along with the remarkable scenery floating by, all the while being kept safe and warm by the suit, makes for an experience of a lifetime.

The maelstrom is not dangerous. The currents will not drag you under, and are not powerful enough to take you out of reach. This is suitable for most people – regardless of swimming skills or physical fitness. Besides the survival suit, a boat with a skipper and guide will follow you all the way to make sure you’re always safe. Please note that some moisture may penetrate the flotation suits. For this reason you are required to wear warm, flexible clothing underneath. There is no age requirement for body rafting but participants need to be at least 150 cm to fit in the suit.

Season: February – December
Duration: 2 hours
Days of departure: Everyday on request
Time of departure: Depends on tide
Price: prices summer / winter
Includes: Guide, survival suit, a short sightseeing through the islands
Product # 209


Atlantic Ocean Bathing

Want to try swimming in the North Atlantic ocean without getting cold? See what it feels like to be in a survival suit but don’t want to go body rafting? Then you can try our survival suits out in the harbor! Float arouynd on your back and relax, or we can organize some races and competitions for you in the suits. Both fun and relaxing!

Season: All year
Duration: Around 1.5 hour
Days of departure: Everyday
Time of departure: around 14-17
Price: prices summer / winter
Includes: Survival suit, guide
Product # 206A


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