New Year under the Northern Lights

hamn-winter-sunset-dsc_0351-sliderMeeting the new year in a different way

For those of you who seek to get away from it all, so you can start the new year, with all that follows, in a less stressful way – you are hereby invited to enjoy these days on the Senja island under the Northern Lights sky.

Christmas time
We are open during Christmastime and new year, though with limited opening hours until new year. It is a quiet and calm time of year, a perfect time to bring good books, relax, enjoy the winter landscape and look for the Northern Lights, feel the Northern Norwegian winter moods….

If you think it will be cold and dark at this time of year, yes- it will be that too. Senja is situated at 69.4 degrees north, and the sun will not even rise above the horizon during midwinter. But due to this, the sun rays will bath the mountains in pinkish colours, or a crisp, Arctic blue colour will paint the snow blue. It is the most colourful time of year.

New year
With hopes to create a good start of the new year, we have put together packages combining good food and winter adventures for our guests. If we are lucky, whales will be visiting the fjord just outside, and the dancing Aurora will be our fireworks.

Bring your friends and family and stay in our comfy and modern apartments or suites. The restaurant will be open, though with limited opening hours, except for the New Year holidays where, among many other things, fine dining and sparkling drinks are on the menu.

We offer fixed New Year packages of 2 or 3 nights, which of course can be extended

We welcome you to amazing Senja!

Phone (+ 47)  400 200 05

Northern Lights view point in Bergsfjorden on Senja.


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