Midnight sun hike to view point

Adventurous midnight sun watching

Hamn i Senja is situated at the foot of a mountain called Sukkertoppen («The Sugar Peak»). The peak is 456 meters above sea level and has an almost magical appearance as it’s lit up by the moods of the midnight sun, with colours changing continuously from dusk to dawn. If you are not ready to go to bed early and are in the mood for a fun, adventurous evening activity you should join our midnight sun hike to Sukertoppen!

The first part of the way up the mountain is in fairly gentle terrain and the path winds through lush vegetation. Continuing up past a mountain lake and a historical dam you will get up over the timberline where you will find beautiful rugged cliffs, and an amazing view over the fjord and the surrounding mountains.

Duration:  3-4 hours
Days of departure:  On request
Time of departure:  21.30
Price: prices
Includes:  Guide, one beverage at the top
Number of guests:  Min. 2

Product #’s

301A – Daytime hike to the Sukkertoppen peak
301B – Hike to view point in the Sukkertoppen mountain
301G – Midnight sun hike to view point



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