Beach clean up 2-6.may

Volunteers for Beach clean 2018

Hamn want to focus on helping to protect the environment and the nature around us. There is unfortunately a lot of garbage in the sea and on the beaches, floating in from the sea. We are few people who live out here, and there’s a lot to work to clean all the beache and we do not have the capacity to clear it all away. Therefore, we need help, and we invite you to volunteer to come here and help us. We will also be working on improving the paths for hiking. In the summer there is a huge increase in the number of hikers, but the paths are not prepared for as many people. We want to be proactive and make necessary improvements and enhancements to accommodate increasing number of guests who want to experience nature with us, so that we reduce the future wear.


  • Clean garbage along the fjord from Ballesvika to Hamn and from Hamn to Straumsnes
  • Clean garbage on the islands in Bergsfjorden – Saturday 6th May
  • Upgrade paths from Hamn to Sukkertoppen
  • Build path from the Nickelmine out to Hellandsnesset

The program
We meet on Tuesday May 2nd for lunch at 12.00. You get an introduction to Hamn i Senja, the area, and we go through the tasks for the week.  We make a plan for the week, going through guidelines and delegate tasks.
ou will stay in twinrooms in apartments with 4-6 people per apartment, or other space systems by appointment.

The volunteers
We are looking for 10 -12 volunteers who want to contribute to a cleaner shoreline and for facilitating stiutbedring.

Registration: Name, age, address, Mail, and mobile number, experience / what you can contribute, dates you can be / have accommodation, any allergies that must be taken into account are sent by mail to: and marked with “Beachcleanup”. Cancellations later than 10 days before must cover 1500kr, because of that the room could have been sold to paying guests.

Costs: Participants must pay 1,500 NOK for accommodation, breakfast and packed lunch from Tuesday to Saturday. Extra nights cost 400 NOK per person per night (including breakfast), if there is availability. Oportunities to cook in the apartments, or buy dinner in our restaurant.

Contact person for practical issues around the community effort:
Esten Skullerud, activity leader Hamn i Senja. Mail:



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