Introduction to kayaking

Extended means the course is longer and we cover more than the normal course. The reason behind this, is that in our experience many people only take the introduction course. Therefore we want to better equipt our participants to paddle safely on their own.

No previous experiense is requierd. The course will be adjusted to every individual participant, so everybody will get the maximum possible benefit, given their personal predisposition. Vi offer courses on different levels.

Learn2Kayak has all the necessary equiptment: kayak, oar, sprayskirt, wetsuits and lifejackets.

What to bring: Bring super or wool longs, a pair of shoes that can get wet, towel and dry clothes. It is also nice to bring a waterbottle and some snacks.

When we practice the buddy rescue, we will be in the water, thats why it is nice to wear wool or super longs on cold or cloudy days.



Duration 4 hours
When May – October
Price  xx NOK per person
Includes Guide, kajakk og utstyr, tørrdrakt og hansker
Number Min. 4



Number of participants:  The minimum number is 4 participants.

Injuries: Senja Harbor is not responsible for any injuries occurring on the courses.

Age limit: 15 years.

Course holders are approved activity leader in the Norwegian Paddle Association.


  • Introduction to the kayak and the equipment
  • Practice tecnuiqes on land
  • Learn to enter and exit the kayak with ease, and with or without the sprayskirt
  • Learn front and back stroke
  • Learn turn and how to stroke to move sideways
  • Learn support stroke
  • Practice rescue techniues
  • Guidelines for kayaking


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