Hamn i Senja

Hamn i Senja

Hamn is the perfect base for enjoying beautiful and unforgettable nature sceneries. The location at 69,4° north, which is above the Arctic Circle, let you experience both the Northern Lights during autumn & winter, as well as the midnight sun in the summer time from 22.5 to 22.7. These, however, are just two among many reasons to visit us and experience one of the Norway’s top travel destinations. A wide range of activities and adventures can be explored and starts right here in the harbor. The nature and grand surroundings offer something for all. You can just enjoy the scenery by watching it all or truly challenge yourself if you feel for it. Let us take you to the best places and give you memorable adventures! To ensure availability of guides and inventory, we suggest to book before you arrive.

Water attractions
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Hiking in magic Autumn colours

When Autumn colors hit the coastline of Senja - then there is no better place to go hiking in the mountains! Experience the Arctic...

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Ski touring in Senja

Are you a ski touring enthusiast?Then the answer is Senja - often called fairytail island, not yet discovered by many and which ha...

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Outdoor hot tub & sauna

After a long day in nature, stepping into a warm (38° C), bubbling hot tub to ease your muscles, mind and spirit – a truly magical...

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Fishing trip in the Arctic waters

Senja is rich in fishing grounds and a perfect place to go out fishing! Lucky fishermen could catch big cod (skrei), halibut as we...

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Body Rafting in an Arctic stream

Try a unique experience at Hamn i Senja! Jump in the cold Arctic water and float in an Arctic stream "maelstrom" with a top speed ...

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Wildlife & Fjord Safari by boat

Join our boat trip in the beautiful archipelago of Bergsfjord with crystal clear turquoise water and white sandy beaches – also kn...

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Kayaking in Bergsfjorden

Kayaking on the west coast of Senja - a must! Have you always been dreaming of kayaking in crystal blue waters, between big mounta...

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Northern Lights in Hamn by the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse on the bare rocks is a perfect spot to look for the magic Northern Lights!A 360° view over the fjord, the mountains...

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Snowshoeing soft adventure

Imagine making your own tracks through fresh snow while walking over alpine mountains with a view over our Arctic fjords and islan...

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Northern Lights Snowshoeing in the evening

During winter, after the snow has covered the landscape, we can take you out on a nightly adventure in search for the Northern Lig...

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