Hamn i Senja

Hamn i Senja

If you are fond of spectacular nature, try the brand-new public bus transfer along the Scenic route between Tromsø and Svolvær in the Lofoten islands via Senja.

An Arctic Route hop-on/hop-off bus has daily, easy connections to Hamn in Senja during the summer.
Premiere at 15.06.23 and your last chance to experience the tour this year is 14.08

Check out the multiple-day roundtrip Tromsø-Senja- Lofoten-Tromsø here:
The Arctic Summer Route between Tromsø, Senja & Lofoten

Daytrip to the Senja island - a Norway in miniature
Enjoy a nice day trip from Tromsø to Senja and back in one of the most scenic landscapes in Norway. Hop on the Arctic Route bus in Tromsø city centre at 08:45 and make your way to the magical island of Senja.
A nice lunch with a taste of local fares will be served here in Hamn, as well as takeaway food and drinks on your way back to Tromsø. Arrival back at 20:15
To choose this very, very scenic route, click on this link:
Arctic summer day trip to Senja

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