Hamn i Senja
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Kayaking in Bergsfjorden

Kayaking on the west coast of Senja - a must! Have you always been dreaming of kayaking in crystal blue waters, between big mountains and heading for white coral beaches?


Body Rafting in an Arctic stream

Try a unique experience at Hamn i Senja! Jump in the cold Arctic water and float in an Arctic stream "maelstrom" with a top speed of 7 knots. Our red survival suits will keep you warm and dry as yo...


Outdoor hot tub & sauna

After a long day in nature, stepping into a warm (38° C), bubbling hot tub to ease your muscles, mind and spirit – a truly magical moment! Enjoy the 360 degrees panoramic view towards the idyllic B...


Wildlife & Fjord Safari by boat

Join our boat trip in the beautiful archipelago of Bergsfjord with crystal clear turquoise water and white sandy beaches – also known as the “Caribbean in the Arctic”!Steep, majestic mountain dive ...


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