Hamn i Senja

Hamn in Senja

Hamn i Senja is a holiday and conference resort beautifully located on the west coast of the Senja island in Northern Norway. Since 1994, this historical fishing station has established itself as a well-known holiday resort offering a wide range of activities, as well as a desirable conference destination in Norway. The name “Hamn” means harbor, and Hamn has been a safe harbor for many a fisherman during hundreds of years. Now, the hundreds of islets and islands in the azure sea beyond, are used as an adventure destination for visitors from all over the world.

Senja is Norway’s second largest island, and situated in the heart of Northern Norway. Senja is known as ‘a Norway in miniature, and offers a great diversity of nature experiences throughout the year. The location at 69,4° north, above the Arctic Circle, gives you the opportunity to experience the Northern Lights from September to April, as well as the midnight sun and 24h of daylight during the summer time. These beautiful and magical phenomenas, however, are just two among many reasons to visit us and experience one of Norway’s top travel destinations.

A wide range of activities and adventures awaits you here. Hamn is the perfect base for enjoying the beauty of the island, and we would love to be your next host and boost your Arctic visit.

Airports – direct flights from Oslo several times a day to Tromsø, Evenes and also to Bardufoss airport. Bardufoss is the closest, with a 1,5 h scenic drive to Hamn. (Only SAS flights at the moment) Tromsø Airport and Evenes airport is around 3 hours scenic drive to Hamn. Several direct flights from Nordic/European cities to Tromsø as well. If you have trouble finding further transportation to Hamn, dont hesitate to contact us!

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