Hamn i Senja


Let us take you to the best places and give you memorable adventures!

The Lighthouse on the bare rocks is a perfect spot to look for the magic Northern Lights sith a360° view over the fjord, the mountains and the dancing Green Lady is (hopefully) awaiting you!

Join our boat trip in the beautiful archipelago of Bergsfjord with crystal clear turquoise water and white sandy beaches – also known as the “Caribbean in the Arctic”!

Have you always been dreaming of kayaking in crystal blue waters, between big mountains and heading for white coral beaches?

Imagine making your own tracks through fresh snow while walking over alpine mountains with a view over our Arctic fjords and islands!

Senja is rich in fishing grounds and a perfect place to go out fishing! Lucky fishermen could catch big cod (skrei), halibut as well as saithe, wolffish, redfish and haddock the last decades! 

Enjoy the 360 degrees panoramic view towards the idyllic Bergsfjord and surrounding mountains in one of our four hot tubs - this will certainly be one of the highlights during your stay with us!

During winter, after the snow has covered the landscape, we can take you out on a nightly adventure in search for the Northern Lights!

Taste 6 great beers created by our local brewery:                    Senja Handbryggeri

Experience the Arctic with an off-the-beaten-track hike to see beautiful clear lakes, stunning fjords and steep rugged mountains

Try a unique experience at Hamn i Senja! Jump in the cold Arctic water and float in an Arctic stream "maelstrom" with a top speed of 7 knots

Go further by E-Bike and explore Senja in your own pace!

Senja - the fairytale island with lots of impressive nature! The mountains around us mainly stretch directly from the sea and up to 600-1000m!

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